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Getting my degree at Conestoga was a huge mistake. Aside from the fact that the college’s name doesn’t invoke any respect, the main reason why I hate this school is for their lack of care. You are a number/pay cheque and nothing else. Due to the college’s lack of accommodation/flexibility and support, my graduation is delayed by one full year now.

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It’s better to go to another college or to learn something online. If you just come over for immigration purposes. This is the best choice. Please scroll up to leave a review. I did the Computer Application Development program, Conestoga College is a complete Joke with inherently stuck-up faculty and students.

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Journeyman: Created by Kevin Falls. With Kevin McKidd, Gretchen Egolf, Moon Bloodgood, Reed Diamond. A man travels back in time to help people in trouble.

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If you are thinking of going here for HRM, think again! Compare the sheer number of courses students must take at this college compared to the others in Ontario, and you will see something is seriously wrong at Conestoga. Teachers seem oblivious to this problem. They say Conestoga wants to be competitive and that HRPA dictates the course. If that’s the case, then why do all the other courses still prepare students for the HRPA? Don’t they all have to be approved?. Should be called Little India. 45% of the student population is from India as Tibbett’s keep recruiting international students. Beware when entering a room because the smell is enough to make your eyes water and start to choke. I am currently enrolled in the Public Service Post Graduate Program (Its first year running). When first applying to the college I did plenty of research and asked several officials about the program, especially about coop. From the beginning I was told several times that they had connections and coop placements that would fit our interests in the public service. I now know that it was all a lie, they have NO connections and NO coop positions that are available to our class. They told us “wait until January, don’t worry yet” and now its almost February and still nothing. They are now telling us to look or workopolis and monster. I now know that it was all a scam! The coop department is completely useless, filled with inexperienced workers that are completely full of themselves. Not only is the coop dept useless, but all the classes I have taken so far have provided me with irrelevant information, and courses that are similar to high school classes I took in grade 10. Do not buy in to their coop placement numbers, most of the placements are not related to the programs that the students were enrolled in.

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HORRIBLE COMMUNITCATION!!!!!! The program co-ordinators don’t seem to want to help you, just give your the go around. Never every join HRM program, really crazy work and prof are really rude and discriminating. One prof keep on telling”you failed You failed and You failed” with serious gestures and made me failed end of the semester intentionally even after I explains my situations to her. SO PLEASE GO FOR ANY OTHER COLLEGES NOT CONESTOGA. I totally agree with the latest comment made by Ayi. I can’t believe those officers are so rude and know nothing. I just asked an international admission officer the same questions by email several times, I explained again and again, but she can’t offer any help. she replied me some unrelated bullshit and she’s sooooo rude.

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Hey there, You’ve done a great job.I will definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends.I am sure they’ll be benefited from this website. Modded Game for Android. In my kindness I respectfully offered these instructors some sound advise in order to become better instructors to which offence was taken. Administrative staff could be unhelpful at times talking down to people and trying to make them feel stupid for asking questions that they are there to answer. Why work as an international admission officer and sound so reluctant, unhelpful and unprofessional on the phone when answering questions from international students. Your position requires you to be a Canadian ambassador to foreign students. Act like one!!!.

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The event websites | Find more about the event websites like , and.

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Teachers are hit or miss. Some are outstanding. But there are few of them around. Most hand back assignments months after it was assigned. Limited feedback so forget about finding out how to improve. Lots of meaningless group assignments and presentations. Teachers use textbook premade slides to teach classes often. Seriously the worst school. I CANNOT wait to be done in this hellhole. Tuition is expensive for what we’re receiving especially right now during covid students are teaching themselves. Profs are useless. Some are okay, some are pretty terrible. I’ve had the worst experience with Conestoga. All they care about is money. They don’t care if you succeed or not. Most of the profs set you up for failure. If you email a prof; don’t expect them to 1: respond at all or 2: be professional bc most of them are rude. I had a prof fail a report because he didn’t like my answers even though I did everything right. I asked him to reconsider my grade and his response was “absolutely not I don’t want to. Do better”. Don’t even bother with this school. And there’s no point complaining to the school because they don’t care but they mark aggressive, overload you with an insane amount of work, have extremely high expectations when we’re receiving hardly any help or compensation in return. Especially with covid, online school, and everything happening. It’s all so ridiculous and unfair. And don’t forget that the profs remind you what you’re missing out on in online class.. “if we were at school we would be doing this.. and this training… and you would be getting this experience.. blahblah” like wow thanks for reminding me again that I’m missing out on the education and experience that I’m entitled to with my program and all of these things I’m paying for and not receiving etc. I’ve never been so mad with a school. Just please save yourself the stress and don’t go here/. If you can’t complete all the courses, your opportunities for co-op is blown. You need to finish Conestoga’s record number of classes and keep a grade average higher than 80%.

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Please read if you’re planning on attending Conestoga College. In this review I hope to outline some of the pros and cons of attending this college. If you have questions about the college, I invite you reach out to some of the great resources Conestoga has to offer. Hence I went the legal route and provided documentation in support of the disability and, the two instructors giving me the hassle continued to do so in every way possible.

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To be reinstated I was forced to be interrogated and hence pacified in exchange for finishing the program. I have contacted the registrars office approx 4 times in the past two years and every time they are very rude and not helpful. I emailed tech support about an issue with the online portal and they were even worse. It seems that people who work at Conestoga want to pass the buck every time you ask for help. My last encounter with the Financial services admin was the last straw. I am not going to continue with Conestoga. There are plenty of other colleges in Ontario and I am researching other locations. Thanks OSAP admin for opening my eyes today!. This college sucks. They only care about money. No education, No proper administration, just money.

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Don’t use their textbook rental services. It is a racism scam designed to target poor, minority and international students who do not have the means to defend themselves. They do this by not delivering textbooks that you paid good money for and then charging you with an avalanche of late fees that for not returning a textbook that they never even gave you in the first place. The company is headquartered in Toronto which is a 3-hour drive away from Conestoga’s main Doon campus and has three different addresses: 145 Fenmar Drive Toronto, Ontario from linkedin 32-34 ashwarren road north york ontario where an employee named Terence claimed that textbookrental did not operate from there and 442 Dufferin Street Toronto ON which is a shady place. They have no actual physical presence. Their phone numbers (416) 231-2291 and 1-855-827-7283 are also fake, they ring and then just hang up, not even a voicemail. The only way to contact these racists is through email or where they give vague unprofessional answers with no apologies. Textbookrental has a partnership with Conestoga College which means it’s Conestoga’s fault if TBR tries to fuck you. If you want to win then you need to go in person to the Conestoga Bookstore and hold up the line day after day after day and if rentacops pull you back, then come back the next day until you get your refund/and/or book. More research has revealed that Textbookrental may actually be based in India.

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Do not take the Hearing Instrument Specialist or Paramedic program here. I took multiple programs here. Classes at Conestoga often become so-called “work periods”, which is a tactic used by teachers/professors to kill time and waste your tuition money. Instead of having a lesson prepared, they tell you that a class is for you to use to work on assignments, as if you don’t already have enough free time as it is. This school is a shithole. They just want money, and unhappiness.

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In terms of courses, there was only a couple of professors who did a great job, everyone else was mediocre at best.

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Pls rpy as soon as possible. If I wanted to go to a college in India I would’ve applied to one there. You basically enter little India once you walk in to any of the campuses. Sometimes you question your life choices as to why you chose this college. It’s horrendous. They’re loud, smell bad, have bad manners, don’t wash their hands after using the toilet, and stare at you. Of course this only applies to some but you get fed up real quick. Wtf Canada? What happened to our education system? Also their quality of work sucks so if you end up having to do group projects, good luck.

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I am writing this review anonymously because sometimes I have to provide local (Canadian) references for jobs, so I have no option than mentioning my Conestoga professors details on my resume.

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